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​2021 Price list

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Cakes are presented on a silver cake board in a white cake box. Decorated cakes are designs covered with a thin layer of marzipan and fondant or royal icing.

A 50% deposit is required when order is placed

Great Taste Award 2021

A cake which really had its own personality and was unlike any we had tasted before. The flavour had real power and continued to develop on the palate long after the cake itself had gone.’

'aromas of rum and subtle spice are so enticing. It's moist, rich and complex, cooked to the point of perfection, what a cake! ..... rich moist fruity notes of the fruit cake it's flavour sensation, with an intriguing and interesting texture.'

- comments from The Guild of Fine Food Judges

Cupcake 3
Cupcake 3
Cupcake 3
Cupcake 3
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